New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023: Prices, Specs, Consumption and Photos

The new BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023 is designed for the trail-loving rider with the strong features of an off-road model. The features, production and powertrain of the new BMW F 850 GS 2023 allowed the motorcycle to be included in the manufacturer’s Adventure line. Now it is one of the most beautiful and most outstanding machines in this environment.

New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023


New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023

The manufacturing of the New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023 is fresh. The first models of the Adventure category, produced in EU USA, began to be sold in the second half of March. This EU USA an production is a great help to the pocket of the rider who will pay less tax.

But when you commit to buying a motorcycle like this the last concern is money. This is because the public knows that New BMW motorcycles are of a high standard, and after conquering each other they became a consumer dream. As well as the version F 850 ​​GS 2023 , which besides being beautiful has power and modern design.

The launch of the 2023 bike features the Premium, Premium + and recent Adventure versions, and even though it is dedicated to the adventure and trail audience, the F 850 ​​is adaptable to asphalt. Great news for those who are going to shell out a good amount and don’t want to leave their eye girl indoors.

Having as its main competitors the following motorcycles:

Bayerische Motoren Werke (BMW) New Model F 850 Highlights

One of the most well-regarded models of the manufacturer needs to receive certain investments, that is, that catch the attention of its audience. Therefore, the highlights of the New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023 are mainly in its mechanical part.

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The bike still has a very striking design that follows this pattern of big bikes. In this sense, the rider finds in its versions items such as:

  • LED taillight;
  • 12V outlet;
  • Adjustable clutch brake levers;
  • Motor protector;
  • ABS brakes;
  • Engine: 80 hp (59 kW), parallel bi-cylindrical engine transfers excess force to rear wheel;
  • Pro Pilot Mode and Electronic Adjustable Suspension (ESA);
  • Shift: Sliding clutch ensures the rider has more control and the riding will be more fluid;
  • Serial onboard computer shows the most important data at a glance;
  • “Rain” and “Road” driving modes are standard equipment, while Automatic Stability Control (ASC) regulates the traction transmitted to the rear wheel;
  • 6.5-inch Painei TFT connects to smartphone via Bluetooth and features a wide range of functions (Premium version);
  • Wheel 21 ″;
  • 23 L fuel tank

Ficha técnica Bayerische Motoren Werke F 850

After all, what are the mechanical news of the bike? Some of the precious information is found in the New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023 datasheet , which shows how well the model is performing and its built.

It’s nice to have these specifications as a reference to know what drives the bike, and understand that these tools have been combined to achieve the result that the F 850 ​​GS has today.


  • Type: Two-cylinder parallel engine, four-stroke with liquid cooling, four valves per cylinder;
  • Diameter / Stroke: 84 mm x 77 mm;
  • Displacement: 853 cc;
  • Maximum power: 80 hp (59 kW) at 6,250 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 9.0 kgfm at 6,250 rpm;
  • Compression Ratio: 12.7: 1;
  • Mixture regulation: Electronic injection.

Electrical system:

  • Permanent magnetic alternator 416 W (rated power);
  • Battery: 12 V / 10 Ah, maintenance free.


  • Clutch: Oil-plated multi-disc clutch (sliding), mechanical drive;
  • Gearbox: Six speeds with timing shaft, integrated into the crankcase .;
  • Transmission: Chain with O-rings and damped rear wheel hub.


  • Chassis: Double beam structure with steel shell;
  • Front suspension: Inverted telescopic fork, Ø 43 mm;
  • Rear suspension: Dual cast aluminum swingarm, WAD central shock absorber, hydraulic spring preload adjustment, adjustable shock absorber;
  • Wheelbase: 1,593 mm;
  • Tires front: 90/90 21;
  • Rear tires: 150/70 R17;
  • Frame, Frame: Bridge structure, steel shell construction;
  • Brakes: New BMW Motorrad ABS (detachable).


  • Length: 2.305 mm;
  • Width (Mirrors): 922 mm;
  • Usable tank volume: 15 l;
  • Reservation approx: 3.5 l;
  • Height (excl. Mirrors): 1.356 mm;
  • Seat height, unladen weight: 860 mm;
  • Road-ready, fully stocked unladen weight: 229 kg;
  • Allowed total weight: 445 kg.

F 850 consumption

Within the mode in which it is produced, the New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023 consumption does not disappoint and can be considered another plus point for the motorcycle.

  • Average consumption from 20 km / l to 24 km / l.

New Bayerische Motoren Werke F 850 GS Price

Considered to be a luxury standard motorcycle, the New BMW F 850 ​​GS 2023 price has still been readjusted in value with this year’s increase.

  • Starting from $ 10500