New Dafra Horizon 150 2023: Prices, PHOTOS & Datasheet

A new motorcycle concept for you looking for a powerful, economical and comfortable vehicle: we’re talking about the new Dafra Horizon 150 2023! To check your equipment, engine and datasheet, follow the Dafra Horizon 250 2023 evaluation below!

New Dafra Horizon 150 2023


Dafra Horizon 150 2023


In 2016, New Dafra Horizon 150 was launched to the market following the construction of a solid Custom category. In addition to this the manufacturer also has version 250, known to remain well within the market.

It is that other manufacturers were not so lucky, or market power, to maintain sales of a Custom model. A small but charming bike that can offer a lot of comfort to the rider.

Even the big flash of New Dafra Horizon 150 2023 is its comfort features. For example, wide cranks, spacious seats and handlebars that require no effort from the driver’s arms.

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A sportsman’s style also catches the eye on the bike. With chrome details, matte paint and inspiration from models like New Harley Davidson 883. Showing that the Horion 150 has qualities in motorization and design.

Itens de série Dafra Horizon 150 2023

For New Dafra Horizon 2023 series items the investment was also in modernity, although its latest version was released in 2016. Since then no other significant changes have been announced.

The technology has not received so much attention, the proof is its very simple panel that indicates little information about how the trip works. Of the main items are:

  • FH-CBS brakes;
  • Alloy wheels;
  • LED flashlight;
  • Panel combining analog and digital dials;
  • Wide and advanced cranksets;
  • Spacious seat;
  • Ergonomically arranged handlebars;
  • Position of ignition switch in chassis;
  • Matte black paint;
  • Luggage compartment;
  • Center easel;
  • Electric start.

Datasheet Dafra Horizon 150 2023

In the information on the Horizon 150 2023 data sheet the driver can know the mechanical specifications of the machine. The motorization of the model does not fool, they offer what they indicate in its construction.

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The idea is that those interested in buying the model can make comparisons with other bikes. Although in the market do not have so many options similar to the Horizon 150.

  • Engine: OHC, 4 stroke, single cylinder, air and oil cooled;
  • Cylinder: 149 cm³;
  • Maximum power: 12.8 CV / 7000 RPM;
  • Maximum torque: 13.65 Nm / 5500 RPM;
  • Diameter x stroke: 57.3 x 57.8;
  • Transmission: 5-speed constant and final gear chain;
  • Height: 1,165 mm;
  • Width: 875 mm;
  • Length: 2,100 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1.435 mm;
  • Minimum height of the ground: 145 mm;
  • Seat height: 720 mm;
  • Dry weight: 130kg;
  • Front suspension: Telescopic Fork Stroke 130 mm;
  • Rear suspension: Bi-cushioned Stroke 70 mm;
  • Front tire: Tubeless Pirelli City Demon – 3.00 -18 M / C 47S;
  • Rear tire: Tubeless Pirelli City Demon – 130 / 90-15 M / C 66S;
  • Starting System: Electric and Pedal;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14 Liters;
  • Maximum load capacity of luggage rack / baggage: 5 kg baulet + load;
  • Ignition: CDI;
  • Compression Ratio: 9.5: 1;
  • Colors: Matte Black;
  • Engine oil capacity: Mobil Super Moto 4T 20w / 50;
  • Chassis: Removable semi-double cradle;
  • Brakes: FH-CBS;
  • Feeding system: PZ25 carburetor.

Consumption Dafra Horizon 150 2023

In the presentation of the motorcycle the manufacturer highlights the low fuel consumption, being one of the highlights of the model. Used for daily use, but also for long trips, consumption New Dafra Horizon 150 records:

  • Average consumption: 30 km / L.

Driving affects this result whether or not the rider forces the motorcycle engine.

Price Dafra Horizon 150 2023

As we said at the beginning, the price of the new Horizon 150 2023 is also one of its good points. In its zero kilometer model the driver finds the engine by:

  • Amount: $ 2300.

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