New Dafra Horizon 250 2023: Price, Technical Data and Consumption

A new bike concept for you looking for a powerful, economical and comfortable vehicle: we are talking about the new Dafra Horizon 250 2023! To check your equipment, motorization and technical data, follow the evaluation of the Dafra Horizon 250 2023 below!

New Dafra Horizon 250 2023


With a look that resembles that of larger bikes, the model is the result of a partnership with South Korean Daelim and aims to be the gateway to the custom world, the famous off-road bikes!

More affordable, both the Horizon 150 , when the New Dafra Horizon 250 2023 can attract those who do not have thousands of dollars to spend on a motorcycle, but want to feel the thrill of flying something extremely powerful.

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The Horizon, called Daystar 250 abroad, is in to hold a worldwide 2023 launch of the Daelim assembler. The engine provides the necessary force to face moderate speeds. Its configuration is modern, with liquid cooling and electronic injection.

New Dafra Horizon 250 2023

Regarding its design, the New Dafra Horizon 250 2023 has some vintage points, bringing out great names like Yamaha Virago 250 or Kasinski Mirage 250.

New Dafra Horizon 250 2023 series items

The high handlebar extends towards the biker’s arms, ensuring comfort. The entire New Dafra Horizon 250 has been designed and developed for great distances, so comfort is one of its strengths! The seat accommodates the rider and the rump well.

The legs become more stretched and relaxed, because the pedals are fixed differently, when compared to utility bikes.

Among the main equipment of New Dafra Horizon 250 2023 we have:

  • 4-cycle Mono-cylindrical motor;
  • DOHC, water-cooled;
  • 250 cylinders;
  • Electronic injection;
  • 5 speeds;
  • Disc brake;
  • Alloy wheels;
  • Electrical Departure;
  • Tank with 17.5 liters and Reservation: 5.5 liters.

Technical specifications of the new New Dafra Horizon 250 2023

The Horizon 250’s brakes are very well-sized, with two 276mm discs at the front and one 220mm at the rear. This is also one of the best highlights of the model.

To get to know her even better, check out the New Dafra Horizon 250 2023 complete datasheet:

  • Engine : 1 cylinder and 250.2 cm³;
  • Power : 23.11 horsepower at 8,000 rpm;
  • Torque : 2.21 kgfm at 7,000 rpm;
  • Currency : 5 speeds;
  • Dry weight : 163.4 kg;
  • Length : 2,245 mm;
  • Between-axes : 1,500 mm;
  • Width : 790 mm;
  • Seat height : 725 mm;
  • Tank capacity : 17.5 liters.

Despite having very good behavior at an average speed of 100 km / h , it is at low speed that the New Dafra Horizon 250 stands out! The model has a nice power when it is slow and, unlike the big off road, offers mobility of a compact urban motorcycle.

Prices of the New Dafra Horizon 250 2023

With all its modernity and high quality details, the new New Dafra Motors model is worth the investment compared to other models in the same category.

The model has been making great success in the country by offering quality, low consumption and power above competitors! Currently the prices of New Dafra Horizon 250 2023 are between $ 3500 and $ 4400 .

Interested in taking the New Dafra super motorcycle to your garage? See more photos that we have gathered with many details to evaluate!

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