New Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023: Prices, PHOTOS & Datasheet

One of the most praised in the scooter category, the new Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 has everything a rider values with indescribable comfort. The construction of the new Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 is mainly dedicated to highways and expressways. But, do not forget to consider urban use and day-to-day travel.

New Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023

Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023


The automaker’s proposal is to make New Dafra Maxsym 400i a competitive motorcycle in the market. Her latest release with news was in 2018, since then she has only gained in value.

What the rider must conquer is the comfort that Maxsym provides for both rider and croup. Accommodating two helmets on the seat and lumbar support for the passenger.

Produced in two colors, black or white, its design is all about a scooter, but it’s very modern too. Especially when it comes to your “front commission” with flashlight and panel.

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One of its main competitors is the New Honda SH 300i, assembled for the same audience. And in terms of engine, the New Dafra Maxsym 400i comes out front. They are at least 10 horsepower more.

New Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 Series Items

The manufacturer boasts New Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 series items . According to them, they are the most complete on the market, with everything a scooter should have.

And investment in technology and modernization has not really been lacking. Scoring items like:

  • ABS brakes;
  • Directional leg warm air, great for traveling under cooler temperatures;
  • Retractable and easy-to-operate croupier crankset;
  • Center easel and parking brake;
  • Lighting inside the luggage compartment under the seat;
  • Two lockable storage compartments, one on each side of the handlebar;
  • Central lockable locker, which also offers USB and 12V socket;
  • Ignition contact with lock;
  • Brake lever with position adjustment.

Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 Datasheet

From the outside everything looks very well done, but how was the model produced to its specifications? The pilot can answer his questions on the new Maxsym 400i 2023 datasheet .

As has been said, in terms of horsepower the bike is ahead of its “rivals”. And there are other good points, see which ones by analyzing their mechanical characteristics:

  • Engine: Single cylinder, 4 stroke, OHC, water cooled;
  • Cylinder: 399.3 cm³;
  • Cylinder Array: Horizontal;
  • Maximum power: 33,3 hp at 7,500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 3.2 kgf.m at 5,500 rpm;
  • Feeding System: Electronic Injection;
  • Diameter x stroke: 83 X 73.8 mm;
  • Transmission: Automatic Continuously Variable (CVT);
  • Height: 1,400 mm;
  • Length: 2,270 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,555 mm;
  • Minimum height of the ground: 142 mm;
  • Seat height: 755 mm;
  • Dry weight: 229 kg;
  • Front suspension: Telescopic fork stroke 106mm;
  • Rear suspension: Unit swim, dual suspension 112mm;
  • Front brake: Double Disc ABS;
  • Rear brake: ABS disc;
  • Wheels: Light alloy rims 15 ”and 14”;
  • Front tire: 120 / 70-15 M / C 56S, tubeless;
  • Rear tire: 150 / 70-14 M / C 66S, tubeless;
  • Starting system: electric;
  • Fuel tank capacity: 14.7 liters;
  • Chassis: Under bone.

Maxsym 400i 2023 consumption

The bike is dedicated to the streets, the idea is that it is used for rides and long trips. But for that the consumption of New Dafra Maxsym 400i has to be worth it.

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Records show an average of:

  • Shooting in the city: 20 Km / L;
  • Roadway; 28 Km / L.

Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 price

Since its last update in 2018, the New Dafra Maxsym 400i 2023 price has only grown. This happens by the market movement, new parts and value of a zero kilometer model.

That’s why the driver takes his New Dafra Maxsym 400i from the store for:

  • Amount: $ 6400.

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