New Honda CB 650F 2023: Prices, PHOTOS and Datasheet

Honda’s most supernatural model is yet to remain in the market for years to come. The new Honda CB 650F 2023 has a legion of fans in the category. The new Honda CB 650F 2023 model is characterized by its more sporty look, vibrant colors and enviable mechanics. Ready and dedicated for asphalt adventures.

New Honda CB 650F 2023


In recent times, the fate of the New Honda CB 650F 2023 seems uncertain. According to speculation of portals aimed at the rider, the model would be replaced by the production of CB 650R.

So is this the end of one of New Honda’s most beloved models? Not really, even if not produced in zero kilometer versions. Your resale price is sure to be valued because this is a dream come true for many.

New Honda CB 650F 2023

In return, the 650R should receive investments to make it even more attractive. The rider finds the current 650F model very sporty, from its design and exhaust to its 4-cylinder snore.

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The concentrated torque produces strong accelerations, enhancing their development on the tracks. The idea is that the CB 650F does not stand for history, but makes its own in the market.

CB 650F 2023 Series Items

In keeping with its category tradition, New Honda has brought the CB 650F 2023 series items a good investment in safety, technology, mechanics and performance. Main points to work on the bike.

Today this is the intermediate model of the CB category, behind only the 1000 cc option. And brings news such as:

  • More modern look, with new colors (orange, red and black) and graphics;
  • Lower and more advanced handlebars;
  • New exhaust bringing more sportiness;
  • Low center of gravity providing more riding comfort;
  • ABS brakes that prevent wheel braking in sudden braking;
  • LED headlight
  • Front suspension features SDBV system, ensuring more stability;
  • Digital panel with two easy-to-read and readable displays;
  • 4 cylinder snoring;
  • Concentrated torque.

New CB 650F 2023 Datasheet

For those who like more specific information about how the bike develops on the road. It’s worth reading about the New Honda CB 650F 2023 datasheet and all its information.

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How was the motorization of the model built, its performance and what can be expected with this construction.


  • Type: DOHC, Four-cylinder 4 stroke, liquid cooled;
  • Displacement: 649 cc;
  • Maximum Power: 88.5 hp at 11,000 rpm;
  • Maximum Torque: 6.22 kgf.m at 8000 rpm;
  • Transmission: 6 speeds;
  • Starting System: Electric;
  • Diameter x Stroke: 67.0 x 46.0 mm;
  • Compression Ratio: 11.4: 1;
  • Feeding System: PGM-FI Electronic Injection;
  • Fuel: Gasoline.

Electrical system:

  • Ignition: Electronics;
  • Battery: 12 V – 7.3 Ah;
  • Lighthouse: LED.

Capacity and Dimensions:

  • Fuel Tank: 17.3 liters;
  • Engine Oil: 3.5 liters;
  • Length x Width x Height: 2107 x 784 x 1077 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1449 mm;
  • Minimum ground clearance: 152 mm;
  • Seat Height: 810 mm;
  • Dry Weight: 195 kg.


  • Type: Diamond Frame;
  • Front Suspension / Stroke: Telescopic Fork / 120 mm;
  • Rear Suspension / Stroke: Mono Shock / 128 mm;
  • Front Brake / Diameter: A disc / 320 mm (ABS);
  • Rear Brake / Diameter: Disc / 240mm (ABS);
  • Front Tire: 120/70 – 17M / C;
  • Rear Tire: 180/55 -17M / C.

CB 650F 2023 Consumption

Of course fixed vehicle expenses are considered, which is why CB 650F 2023 consumption is so important. Considering the records that were released in the last tests with the bike, the information is:

  • Average fuel consumption: 22 Km / L.

Honda CB 650F 2023 Price

For the moment, there is still no transformation in the market of this model. New Honda CB 650F 2023 price is available in stores at:

  • Value: from $ 8800 .

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