New Honda CRF 450X 2023: Prices, PHOTOS and Datasheet

Dedicated to dust and dirt enthusiasts, the new Honda CRF 450X 2023 is part of the automaker’s new off-road family. The launch of the news in this category was still in 2018. Since then, the new Honda CRF 450X 2023 remains a favorite. Mainly for its powerful investment in technology.

New Honda CRF 450X 2023


Looking to cater for all types of road, from trail to motocross. In edition number 26 of the Rally dos Sertões, New Honda introduced the members of its new CRF collection.New Honda CRF 450X 2023

Among them, the New Honda CRF 450X 2023 . One of the 450-cylinder models, which also features the CRF 450R and CRF 450XR. With some different features that do not destabilize any of this family’s bikes on the market.

The model was designed to meet the demand of rally-loving bikers. Mounted with six-speed gearbox and updated instrument panel. The CRF 450x was imported from Japan.

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The value maintains what the public used to the bike has seen. It can be considered of high standard, because it exceeds the average of 40 thousand reais. It all depends on the consumer’s pocket and taste.

Honda CRF 450X Series Items 2023

The ride comfort is a differential of the model, especially compared to its “sisters” segment. New Honda CRF 450X 2023 series items still show how technology and modernization has been invested.

The manufacturer guarantees from the outset that the model “faces any challenge”. For this, it was scored with items such as:

  • 21 ”front and 18” rear rims;
  • Front brake disc protector, engine protector and the pinion cover in black color;
  • Aluminum chassis;
  • Lower center of gravity allowing lightness sensation;
  • Suspension focused on enduro and rally;
  • 450 cc engine with off-road adjustments;
  • Single lever head with electronic fuel injection;
  • Digital odometer, speedometer and consumption and distance control;
  • Headlight and tail light on fender;
  • Electric start is triggered with one touch;
  • 7.6L Titanium Fuel Tank

Datasheet Honda CRF 450X 2023

In order to compare the model with other versions? The best way to understand machine performance is by reviewing its CRF 450X datasheet .

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Information provided by the manufacturer that may make the consumer more interested or unpretentiously less confident in the model’s capabilities. Look that:


  • Type: Single cylinder, four stroke, liquid cooling;
  • Displacement: 449cc;
  • Transmission: 6 gears;
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0: 1;
  • Valve Body: 4 titanium valves, Unicam, OHC;
  • Electronic Injection: PGM-FI scheduled fuel injection;
  • Ignition: DC-CDI Electronics;
  • Starting System: Electric;
  • Diameter x Stroke: 96mm x 62.1mm;
  • Compression Ratio: 12.0: 1;
  • Power System: PGM-FI scheduled fuel injection.


  • Transmission: 6 gears;
  • Chain; Crown / Pinion: # 520 with retainers;
  • Ignition: DC-CDI Electronics.


  • Fuel Tank: 8.0 liters.

Chassis, suspension and brakes:

  • Front Suspension: Inverted, Showa 49mm with return adjustment and compression; 12 inch stroke, adjusted for enduro;
  • Rear Suspension: Showa Pro-Link Shock Absorber; return and compression adjustments; spring with preload adjustment;
  • Front Brake: 260mm Disc; double piston calliper;
  • Rear Brake: 240mm Disc;
  • Front Tire: 80 / 100-21;
  • Rear Tire: 110 / 100-18.


  • Length x Width x Height: 218 x 82.4 x 127.2cm;
  • Wheelbase: 148cm;
  • Caster Angle: 28 ° 06 ′;
  • Minimum ground clearance: 32.2cm;
  • Seat Height: 95cm;
  • Tank Capacity: 7.6 liters;
  • Gross Weight: 124.7 Kg (including all original equipment, fluids and lubricants required and full tank – ready to fly.).

Honda CRF 450X 2023 consumption

The track designed for the motorcycle is the dirt road, but precisely the obstacles that make up the rally. But nothing prevents the rider from riding the model around the city.

In any case, the consumption of the New Honda CRF 450X was recorded as:

  • Road: 10 km / L;
  • Sand: 7 km / L.

Honda CRF 450X 2023 Price

For a zero kilometer model, consumers find at dealerships the New Honda CRF 450X 2023 price from:

  • Amount: $ 11200.

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