New Honda Falcon 2023: PRICES, Fact Sheet, Consumption and Photos

The wait for the launch of the new Honda Falcon 2023 is not yet close. A major overhaul of the bike seems not to be in the manufacturer’s plans. However, the new Honda Falcon 2023 scores high sales and is considered one of the top bikes to resell. According to middle experts, the model is still very popular in dealers!

New Honda Falcon 2023


The latest version of Falcon was launched in 2015, the model began production in 1999. Since its inception the bike has always been a bestseller by New Honda. Considering its aggressive and characteristic design of Off roald machines.
New Honda Falcon 2023

Falcon’s production was stagnant in 2009 and resumed in 2012, that same year the most significant change brought to the 2023 launch was the serial electronic injection facility.

Since then, the bike has not announced any kind of pre release of the version. And New Honda Falcon is still found with the manufacture of 2015. The difference is that for the year 2023 the bike is cheaper than in its last release, due to mileage.

The strengths of the model have always been the details of its design, but its propensity to use at work and routine tasks also catch the eye and make the bike one of the best selling in its segment.

Honda Falcon 2023 Serial Items

The assembly of the bike is totally related to the sales success, and the model is considered great for resale. This is because there is always market and interested in buying a Falcon.

New Honda Falcon 2023 series items interfere with this issue, with features such as:

  • Semi-double cradle chassis, which anchors long-haul front suspension (220 mm);
  • Pro-Link Rear (195mm Stroke);
  • Disc brake on both wheels, one 256 mm front disc with double piston caliper, 220 mm disc and single rear piston;
  • Five-speed gearbox;
  • Electric starting, being its final transmission made by current;
  • Wheels 21 ″ at the front and 17 ″ at the rear;
  • MT-60 mixed use tires;
  • Weight approximately 151 kg;
  • With fuel tank with capacity of 15.0 liters, being 4.0 L of reserve.

Honda Falcon 2023 specs

In the New Honda Falcon technical data sheet all the mechanical specifications of the motorcycle are registered, identifying the performance, power and performance on the roads.

➤ And speaking of details, we separate the analysis of New Honda models:

The information also serves as a research source for comparison with other bikes in the same category. See Falcon’s latest model sheet:


  • Engine: 4 stroke, single cylinder, air cooled;
  • Feeding System: PGM-FI Electronic Injection;
  • Maximum power: 28.7 hp at 6,500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 3,27 kgf.m but 6,000 rpm;
  • Transmission: 5 speeds;
  • Approximate top speed: 145km / h;
  • Starting system: electric;
  • Average consumption: 24 km / L.

Dimensions and Capacities:

  • Length: 2.16mm;
  • Width: 789mm;
  • Height: 1,222mm;
  • Minimum ground clearance: 242mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1.434mm;
  • Seat Height: 850mm;
  • Maximum load capacity: 158kg.

Suspension and Brakes

  • Front Suspension: Telescopic Fork, 215mm Stroke;
  • Rear Suspension: Pro-Link mono-damped swingarm, adjustable spring preload, 180mm stroke;
  • Front Brake: 256mm diameter single ventilated disc and 2-piston caliper;
  • Rear Brake: 220mm diameter single ventilated disc and 1 piston caliper.

Honda Falcon consumption

One of the attractions of the model is also its New Honda Falcon 2023 consumption . That marks an expense compatible with the public who wants to use the bike for routine.

  • Average consumption of 24 Km / L.

Honda Falcon 2023 Price

Because it is a second-hand model, that is, without being zero kilometers, the New Honda Falcon 2023 price is more affordable. The 2023 bike finds models in:

  • Starting at $ 4400

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