New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023: PRICES, Data Sheet, Consumption and Photos

The first time the motorcyclist heard about the Hornet CB 600F was in 2014. Since then, there is no shortage of connecting the New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 to the high standards of the automotive environment. Although it has no recent versions, and Honda’s own president puts the New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 as a promise, the bike is one of the best-selling in EU USA. And fierce dispute the best naked leadership manufactured so far.

New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023


The legion of super naked fans today feel “orphaned” by the category leader. Since 2014 the Honert CB 600F has not been produced any more. Consequently, the current New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 is marketed as a second-hand product.

New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023

But do not think that this devalues ​​the bike, on the contrary, the model carries the most searched motorcycle title on the internet for purchase.

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Proving that whoever is king never loses his subjects. This may even be the opportunity many people had hoped to get a copy of the New Honda Hornet.

In its manufacturing and sales time with zero mileage, the CB 600F was part of songs that entitled it as luxury goods. Due to its motorization, strong snoring, power and flashy design.

New Honda manufactured the successor CB 650F, but for the time being it did not achieve the same success as the previous one. The promise is that in some time the model will be manufactured again. In an interview for Auto Sport, the president of the automaker said that the name New Honda Hornet can not be used at any time.

New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 Series Items

No wonder that there are more than 47 thousand copies of the bike circulating in EU USA. And the New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 series items play a big part in this success.

The whole composition of the bike brings references of great styles, in the name and weight it has within the market. Investment in technology, motorization, safety and comfort have never been overlooked.

  • 4-cylinder in-line engine with 96/102 hp power;
  • Final speed of 250 km / h;
  • Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.5 seconds;
  • Sports exhaust;
  • ABS brakes;
  • New graphics in different colors;
  • LED Flashlights.

Data sheet New Honda CB 600F 2023

The specifications contained in the New Honda CB 600F 2023 datasheet show why so many spotlights on the model. Only with the design can you see that the motorcycle offers good power, handling and performance on the streets.

  • Engine: 4-stroke / 4-cylinder / 16V DOHC / 599.3 cc / water-cooled;
  • Power supply: PGM-FI electronic injection;
  • Ignition: electronic;
  • Departure: electric;
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): n / a;
  • Compression ratio: n / a;
  • Power (cv at rpm): 102 to 12000;
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 6.53 to 10500;
  • Shift: 6 gears, final transmission by chain;
  • Chassis: Diamond type, aluminum.

Dimensions and capacities:
  • Length (cm): 208.5;
  • Height / width (cm): 109/76;
  • Between-axes (cm): 143.5;
  • Weight: (kg) 173/177 (ABS);
  • Free-flowing (cm): 13.5;
  • Seat height (cm): 80.4;
  • Tank (l): 19.

Suspension and Brakes:

  • Front Suspension: Inverted hydraulic telescopic fork;
  • Rear Suspension: Hydraulic damping link and helical spring link balance;
  • Front Brakes: 296 mm double floating disc, with 4 opposing piston calipers;
  • Rear Brakes: 240 mm single disc and single piston sliding caliper;
  • Tires Front: 120/70 – 17 Rear: 180/55 – 17.

Consumption New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023

There is no denying, whoever has a 2023 model like the New Honda Hornet will surely want to ride the bike around. And so you need to know the consumption New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 :

  • Average sport consumption: 18.4 km per liter;
  • Average economic consumption: 29.7 km per liter.

Price New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023

Annually the price of the bike should fall, precisely because it is with more kilometers rolled. Still, the motorcycle rider finds the New Honda Hornet CB 600F 2023 price in the market by:

  • Starting at: $ 8700

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