New Honda Lead 2023: PRICES, Fact Sheet, Colors and Consumption

The new Honda Lead 2023 is still a promise, scooter enthusiasts look forward to renewing the bike. It is that since when it stopped being manufactured, the possible launch of the new Honda Lead 2023 is a secret of the automaker. It is believed that there will be investment in technology and motorization.

New Honda Lead 2023

New Honda Lead has two major records in its history. The first is to be the first scooter motorcycle launched by New Honda. And the second is the best-selling model record within its category.New Honda Lead 2023

This means that New Honda Lead 2023 would be an incredible revival, full of onlookers and with a pre-planned audience. It turns out that the bike is no longer manufactured since 2016, and so far there are no official disclosures of a possible launch 2023 .

The appearance of the scooter in the motorcycle market would be a big milestone for the category. Although its last year of sale as zero kilometers is not that far away, and anyone who buys the second hand motorcycle can still smell the new vehicle.

New Honda Lead’s major attractions lie in its bold design and ahead of its time. And the automatic transmission of the CVT type. Good boot and displacement size that started at 50 and ended at the 125 cc mark.

In Canada, Lead was a 125 cc manufacturer and was renamed Elite. In EU USA this motorcycle model is also sold in the market, which indicates the succession of Lead in the market.

Honda Lead 2023 Serial Items

It was mainly the New Honda Lead 2023 series items that make this quest for release even more interesting. In fact, what has been sold in recent years has surprised and increased the number of admirers of the bike.

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A very modern design, which indicates the proposal of an urban motorcycle, are just details close to what the manufacture of Lead should have. Based on previous editions, the items are:

  • Colors: red, black, blue and white;
  • Fuel tank nozzle positioned on the floor;
  • Start-stop system;
  • 12 ″ front wheel;
  • 10 ″ rear wheel;
  • LED headlight
  • Turn signals at the top of the fairing;
  • Rear with LED lights;
  • 37 liter luggage compartment;
  • 125cc engine and 11.48 horsepower;
  • Fuel tank up to 6 liters;
  • CBS brake system;
  • Dashboard with speedometer, fuel level marker, engine temperature gauge, total odometer and electronic injection tail lights, turn signals and high beam.

Honda Lead 2023 datasheet

New Honda Lead 2023 datasheet specifications are based on the latest model release. As soon as the automaker makes changes and announces the new version release, this article will be updated.

With this information it is easier to get a sense of the performance of the 2023 motorcycle on the roads.


  • Motor: 4 stroke / OHC, single cylinder, 2V / 115 cc / water cooled;
  • Feeding: electronic injection;
  • Ignition: electronics;
  • Starting: electric;
  • Diameter x Stroke (mm): 50 x 55;
  • Compression Ratio: 11.0: 1;
  • Power (cv at rpm): 9.2 to 7500;
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 0.97 to 6000;
  • Exchange: automatic, type CVT;
  • Chassis Frame: monoblock;
  • Front Suspension: 90 mm telescopic fork;
  • Rear: 84 mm travel mono-damped side-swinging balance;
  • Front Brakes: 190 mm diameter disc;
  • Rear: 130 mm diameter drum;
  • Front Tires: 90/90 – 12;
  • Rear: 100/90 – 10.


  • Length (cm): 183.8;
  • Height / Width (cm): 112.5 / 67.3;
  • Wheelbase (cm): 127.4;
  • Weight (kg): 108;
  • Clearance (cm): 11.5;
  • Seat Height (cm): 74;
  • Tank (1): 6.5.


  • 0-60 km / h (s): 9.7;
  • Resumption from 30 to 60 km / h (s): 6.7;
  • Test track maximum (km / h): 88.3;
  • Actual speed at 60 km / h (km / h): 58;
  • Sports Consumption (km / l): 29.04;
  • Economic Consumption (km / l): 49.03;
  • Maximum range (km): 318,7.

Honda Lead 2023 Consumption

One of the great attractions of buying a scooter is the economy. And New Honda Lead consumption does not disappoint in this regard. Seconds the records the bike indicates:

  • Sports consumption: 29.00 km per liter;
  • Economic consumption: 49,00 km per liter.

Honda Lead 2023 Price

It is normal for the New Honda Lead 2023 price to change and add. For now, as there are no signs of launch, the brand stays at:

  • Value from $ 1800.