New Honda Lead 2023: Prices, PHOTOS, Technical Sheet

Do you know the New Honda Lead 2023? This is Honda’s next launch that has been prepared to offer the market an economical scooter that will outperform the current market leader in the segment. Next we have more details of the New Honda Lead 2023, and if you want to know it, just follow along.

New Honda Lead 2023

New Honda 2023 Lead


The New Honda Lead 2023 brings together features such as safety, performance and comfort, below we will see more highlights on the motorcycle.

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The search for motorcycles in the segment of scooters has grown, so New Honda invests in launch as Lead 2023 .

The model will soon be on the national market, featuring such innovations as its redesigned headlamp, LED lights and redesigned instrument panel.

Colors of the New Honda 2023 Lead

The launch can bring new color choices, but so far we are waiting for the new New Honda 2023 with the following options:

  • Red-solid;
  • Matte black;
  • Blue-frosted;
  • White.

Technical specifications of the new New Honda Lead 2023

We wait for the datasheet of the New Honda Lead 2023 containing all the information your updated information, but while it is not disclosed check some of the details expected:


  • Engine: 4 stroke / OHC, single cylinder, 2V / 115 cc / water cooling;
  • Power supply: electronic injection;
  • Ignition: electronic;
  • Departure: electric;
  • Diameter x stroke (mm): 50 x 55;
  • Compression ratio: 11.0: 1;
  • Power (cv at rpm): 9.2 to 7500;
  • Torque (mkgf at rpm): 0.97 to 6000;
  • Exchange: automatic, CVT type;
  • Chassis Frame: monobloc;
  • Front Suspension: telescopic fork with 90 mm travel;
  • Rear: flutter monoblocated laterally, with 84 mm stroke;
  • Front Brakes: 190 mm diameter disc;
  • Rear: 130 mm diameter drum;
  • Front Tires: 90/90 – 12;
  • Rear: 100/90 – 10.


  • Length (cm): 183.8;
  • Height / width (cm): 112.5 / 67.3;
  • Between-axes (cm): 127.4;
  • Weight (kg): 108;
  • Free-flowing (cm): 11.5;
  • Seat height (cm): 74;
  • Tank (1): 6.5.


  • 0-60 km / h (s): 9.7;
  • Retraction from 30 to 60 km / h (s): 6.7;
  • Maximum on the test track (km / h): 88.3;
  • Actual speed at 60 km / h (km / h): 58;
  • Sport consumption (km / l): 29,04;
  • Economic consumption (km / l): 49,03;
  • Maximum autonomy (km): 318.7.

More details of the Lead 2023 datasheet will be updated in our post as soon as released by New Honda, continue to follow our post.

New Honda Lead 2023 Consumption

Motorcycles such as New Honda Lead are champions in economy, and to ensure that this new release remains well performing, INMETRO performs the model’s fuel consumption tests.

Check the expected average consumption for the launch:

  • Sport consumption: 29.00 km per liter;
  • Economic consumption: 49.00 km per liter.

Price of the New Honda 2023 Lead

The value of Lead 2023 may be readjusted in this release, but the new model price has not yet been released.

The following gives you the current price of the motorcycle:

  • New Honda Lead: from $ 2000 .

Below you will see more pictures of New Honda Lead, and remember that we will update more information about this release in our post as soon as it is available.

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