New Kawasaki Z300 2023: Specification, Price, Consumption, Engine

Want to know all the new details of this bike that is super powerful? Then know to be in the right place! Here in this post we have gathered the main information about the New Kawasaki Z300 2023. To have access, just continue with us! Below, all about the New Kawasaki Z300 2023.

New Kawasaki Z300 2023


One of the main features of the New Kawasaki Z300 is its look. For this new generation, its visual arrives even more striking and aggressive, standing out among other models of the category, due to its sporty style, modern and robust.

New Kawasaki Z300 2023

For its super powerful motorcycle, the New Kawasaki Z300 2023 is highly sought after for those who wish to venture out. But of course to be adventurous you need to be safe, and you can find this in this model.

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In addition to safety items, this motorcycle offers comfort to its users. Below, more info on!

Available Colors

One of the most sought after information for any vehicle is the colors available! Regarding the shades of the New Kawasaki Z300 2023 , no information was disclosed by the manufacturer brand.

According to speculation, the model will be sold in the following colors:

  • Metallic Graphite Gray (Gray and Black);
  • Candy Burnt Orange (Orange and Black);
  • Among others.

* When this information is confirmed, we will be back to update this post!

Test of consumption realized in New Kawasaki Z300 2023

The model is expected to maintain its current good performance. Following is the average consumption of the model:

  • Average of 18.2 km / liter city ​​/ highway.

Technical specifications of the New Kawasaki Z300 2023

Through the technical data of any vehicle, customers and users are aware of all the information and details of the model in question. In this document are disclosed its motorization, dimensions, capacities, chassis and more.

Until the closing of this post, the technical specifications of the New Kawasaki Z300 2023 had not been disclosed. Once we get this information, we will be updating the article!

In the meantime, check out the datasheet for the current model:


  • Type: 4 stroke, 2 parallel cylinders, liquid cooling;
  • Displacement: 296 cc;
  • Diameter x stroke: 62.0 x 49.0 mm;
  • Compression ratio: 10.6: 1;
  • Valve system: DOHC, 8-valve;
  • Fuel system: Injection;
  • Ignition: Digital;
  • Departure: Electric start;
  • Lubrication: Forced lubrication (wet sump);
  • Transmission: 6 speeds;
  • Clutch: Multidisc, in oil bath.


  • Overall length: 2,015 mm;
  • Overall width: 750 mm;
  • Total height: 1025 mm;
  • Between axles: 1,405 mm;
  • Minimum ground clearance 145 mm;
  • Seat height: 785 mm;
  • Weight in running order: 168 kg / 170 kg (ABS);
  • Capacity of the tank: 17 liters.


  • Front: 37 mm telescopic fork;
  • Rear: Uni-Trak with gas damper and spring preload adjustable in 5 levels.


  • Front: Type 290 mm disc in daisy format;
  • Front: Double piston caliper;
  • Back: Type Disc of 220 mm in daisy format and forceps;
  • Rear: Double piston caliper.


  • Maximum power: 29 kW (39 hp) / 11,000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 27 N • m (2.8 kgf • m) / 10,000 rpm.

How much is the New Kawasaki Z300 2023?

We know that being a super powerful motorcycle, the New Kawasaki Z300 2023 will have its price a little high compared to other motorcycles.

As the brand has not yet disclosed its real value, we have brought the suggested value:

  • New Kawasaki Z300: Starting at $ 5800.

We will be updating this post soon!

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