New Shineray XY 50 2023: Prices, Specs, PHOTOS

Shineray has gained visibility in the motorcycle market by offering models that are highly fuel-efficient and affordable. Today we will talk about New Shineray XY 50 2023, and if you want to know more about this model just continue to check the details of Shineray XY 50 below!

New Shineray XY 50 2023


The New Shineray XY 50 is a model for day-to-day life that meets the need of those who are looking for a simple and economical means of transportation.

Let’s start our post today by talking about the differentials that New Shineray XY 50 will present in this release, which are:

  • New front and rear luggage compartment;
  • Mudguards in the same color;
  • Redesigned directional headlamp;
  • Chrome finishes.

New Shineray XY 50 2023

Colors of New Shineray XY 50

The New Shineray XY 50 2023 also features in this launch with 3 color options, they will be:

  • Grey;
  • Red;
  • Black.

More colors can be made available for the New Shineray XY 50 , and in case of disclosure by the automaker we will update more details in our post.

➤ And to speak in detail, we separate the analyzes of:

New Shineray XY 50 Datasheet

Let’s check some of the information expected for the data sheet of the new New Shineray XY 50 , remembering that as it was not disclosed more information can be updated:


Starting System: Electric / Pedal:
Transmission: Current;
Power: Carburetor;
Maximum Torque: 2,6 Nm / 6000 rpm;
Maximum power: 2.7 hp / 8,500 rpm;
Compression Ratio: 8.5: 1;
Diameter X Course: 39.0 x 41.4 mm;
Displacement: 50;
Engine Type: Mono-cylindrical, 4 T, 2 Valves, OHC;
Exchange: 4 speeds;
Clutch: Multi-discs oil-plated.


Engine oil (total): 900 ml / API SL – JASO MA 20W50;
Fuel tank: 4.0 Liters;
Shock Oil: 65 ml / ATF;
Lighthouse: 12V – 35W / 35W;
Battery: 12V / 5.0 Ah;
Ignition: CDI (Capacitive Discharge Ignition).


Rear suspension / stroke: Double damping;
Front suspension / stroke: Telescopic fork;
Chassis Type: Monobloc;
Wheel Type: Light alloy;
Scale: Double steel arm;
Rear Wheel: 17;
Front Wheel: 17;
Front tire / diameter: 2.25 x 17;
Rear tire / diameter: 2.50 x 17;
Front brake / diameter: Disc (Ø = 111 mm);
Rear brake / diameter: Drum (Ø = 111 mm).


Dry weight: 70 kg;
Seat height: 785 mm;
Ground clearance: 115 mm;
Wheelbase: 1160 mm;
Height: 1080 mm;
Width: 700 mm;
Length: 1770 mm.

We are attentive to the disclosure of new information in the data sheet of New Shineray XY 50 2023 , and in case we will bring these details to you, keep an eye!

Consumption of New Shineray XY 50 2023

One of the main highlights of this model   is its fuel consumption, as it performs far more miles with each liter of fuel than most of the motorcycles in its segment.

The New Shineray XY 50 2023 consumption tests are being conducted, and the expected average for the model is:

  • Average consumption of 55 km / l .

Price for New Shineray XY 50

The New Shineray XY 50 2023 can reach the market in 3 versions, then you can check what they are, remembering that a readjustment on the value of the motorcycle can be applied:

  • New Shineray XY 50 Q: $ 900 ;
  • New Shineray XY 50 Q2: $ 1100 ;
  • New Shineray XY 50 Q Phoenix: $ 1350 .

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