New Suzuki Burgman 2023: Specs, Specs, Speed, PHOTOS

The New Suzuki Burgman 2023 is a modern scooter that arrives in the EU USA market in 3 versions in order to reach an even bigger public, and as we like news we look for more details of this launch and we prepare the following post with more information of the New Suzuki Burgman 2023, follow

The New Suzuki Burgman 2023 is expected by many who admire the model, and to satiate some of our curiosity we have more details of the following launch!

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What’s in the New Suzuki Burgman 2023


The main objective of the New Suzuki Burgman 2023 is to offer a model with high performance, technology and comfort, so the model will present in this launch novelties that seek to highlight these characteristics in the scooter.

New Suzuki Burgman 2023 The news of this 2023 launch begins with its look that can bring more accentuated lines in order to make the design of the New Suzuki Burgman 2023 even more stripped. A new dashboard is also expected for this release, containing items such as:

  • Failure and diagnosis indicator of the fuel injection system;
  • Fuel level indicator;
  • High-beam headlamps;
  • Direction indicators;
  • Speedometer.

To offer greater comfort and safety, the new Burgman will also feature a new redesigned seat, offering greater modulation so that its users feel more comfortable even on longer journeys.

New Suzuki Burgman 2023 datasheet

The new data sheet of the New Suzuki Burgman 2023 has not yet been released, but the expected for this model are features such as:

  • Engine: 4 stroke single cylinder, 2 valve, OHC, forced air cooled;
  • Cylinders: 124 cm³;
  • Diameter X Course: 53.5 x 55.2mm;
  • Compression ratio: 9.6: 1;
  • Lubrication system: Wet sump;
  • Starting System: Electrical;
  • Feeding: Electronic injection;
  • Ignition type: Electronic;
  • Maximum power: 9 hp (metric) at 7,500 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 0.95 kgf.max 6,000rpm;
  • Weight: 111 kg;
  • Engine Oil: 1 liter (with filter change).

As soon as the new New Suzuki Burgman 2023 technical sheet is released we will update more information in our post!

New Suzuki Burgman 2023 Consumption

The consumption of this motorcycle is being evaluated, and while the official result is not announced check the average consumption expected for the New Suzuki Burgman :

  • Supplied with gasoline: average of 45 km per liter.

We will update the consumption of this model as soon as the result of consumption in the INMETRO tests is released.

Price of the New Suzuki Burgman

The price of this launch will be adjusted, but the new value of the scooter has not yet been announced. So far we’ve been waiting for three versions of the New Suzuki Burgman , see:

  • New Suzuki Burgman i;
  • New Suzuki Burgman 400;
  • New Suzuki Burgman 650.

While waiting for the updated price of the new New Suzuki Burgman 2023 check out the current value of the motorcycle:

  • New Suzuki Burgman i: from $ 2000;
  • New Suzuki Burgman 400: from $ 7700
  • New Suzuki Burgman 650: from $ 11400.

Photos of the New Suzuki Burgman

Below you will find even more pictures we have selected from the New Suzuki Burgman so that you can check out every detail of the model, remembering that more information will be updated here as soon as it is available!

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