New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023: Price, Specification and Consumption

The engine of the new Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023 is a street version of the already famous GSX-R1000 2006-2010. In the 2023 version, the automaker invested heavily in technology and performance optimizations. To see the complete evaluation of the new Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023, go with it!

New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023


As one of the positives of the new GSX S100 F, we have the new cylinders that make up the engine with one that allows to keep the combustion chambers compact.

The technology is also efficient in the art of analysis to produce lighter pistons without compromising rigidity.

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New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023

The radiator of the New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023 is brand new and has a rounded shape allowing to maintain stable engine temperature. Radiator fins guide air to the hive’s core.

New Suzuki GSX S1000 F series parts

In addition, many other technologies make up the standard items of the New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023 :

  • SDTV system;
  • “New Suzuki Exhaust Tuning” exhaust system (SET);
  • Brake system (ABS);
  • 100% LCD instrument panel with adjustable brightness;
  • Traction control in three modes;
  • Renthal Fatbar handlebar.

Detailing the New Suzuki’s traction control system, it allows the rider to take control of the bike while accelerating regardless of the road conditions.

Technical specifications of the New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023

One of the best ways to get to know a 2023 release is by thoroughly reviewing its technical specifications, so check out the details below:

Type 4-stroke, liquid cooled DOHC
Number of cylinders 4 cylinders in line
Diameter 73.4 mm
Course 59 mm
Displacement 999 cm³
Compression ratio 12.2 ± 0.3: 1
Lubrication System wet sump and oil pump
Starting system electrical
food electronic injection
Type of ignition electronics
Maximum power 150 hp at 10,000 rpm
Maximum torque 11.01 kgf.m. 9500 rpm

Chassis double top beam built in cast aluminum alloy parts and extruded aluminum alloy profile
Front Suspension KAYABA, inverted 43mm, fully adjustable 120mm stroke (compression, return, spring preload)
Rear Suspension articulated balance, adjustable hydraulic mono-adjustable linkage, 63 mm adjustable stroke for compression, return and spring preload
Front tire 120 / 70ZR17 M / C (58W) without camera
Rear tire 190 / 50ZR17 M / C (73W) without camera
Front Brake BREMBO Front brake calipers, 310 discs, ABS
Rear Brake single disc Ø250mm, 1 piston caliper hydraulic drive, ABS system
Front wheel size Aro 17, light aluminum alloy
Rear wheel size Aro 17, light aluminum alloy

Versions and prices of the New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023

Interested in bringing the GSX S1000 F to your garage? The price of the New Suzuki GSX S1000 F 2023 are for $ 12700 for cash payment and $ 13400 for fully paid installment payment.

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