New Suzuki Yes 2023: Prices, PHOTOS, Technical Sheet

Suzuki invests in motorcycles to meet the need of those who are looking for a simpler model for their day to day, so prepare as the next launch the new Suzuki Yes 2023. Do you already know the New Suzuki Yes 2023? Then check out the following selected details to better present you this motorcycle!

New Suzuki Yes 2023


The New Suzuki Yes 2023 arrives as an alternative for those who want a versatile and economical model, better check out why this model may be a great option for you!

The main objective of New Suzuki with the launch of the new Yes 2023 is to have a higher performance model and technology to offer more safety to its users.

Among the novelties foreseen for the model we have:

  • Five-speed gearbox;
  • Frosted black paint;
  • New chrome protective cover;
  • New Front suspension with hydraulic damping and coil spring;
  • MIKUNI vacuum carburetor.

New Suzuki Yes 2023

Colors of the New Suzuki Yes 2023

As for the colors New Suzuki brings 5 ​​(five) options for this next release, among them we have:

  • Yellow;
  • Blue;
  • Red;
  • Silver;
  • Black.

The data sheet of the new New Suzuki Yes 2023 will present important information about this launch, such as the dimensions that the motorcycle has and its new engine.

➤ And to speak in detail, we separate the analyzes of:

Technical specifications of the New Suzuki Yes 2023

  • Total Length: 1,945 mm;
  • Total Width: 1,070 mm;
  • Total Height: 1,265 mm;
  • Distance between axles: 1,265 mm;
  • Ground Distance: 160 mm;
  • Seat Height: 735 mm;
  • MVOM: 128 kg;

  • Front Tire: 2.75-18 M / C (42P), without camera;
  • Rear Tire: 90 / 90-18 M / C (57P), without camera;
  • Fuel tank: 14 liters;
  • Engine Oil: 1.15 liters (with filter change.
  • Engine: 4-stroke, 1-cylinder, 2-valve, OHC, air-cooled;
  • Cylinder capacity: 125 cm³;
  • Diameter X Course: 57.0 x 48.8mm;

  • Compression ratio: 9.2: 1;
  • Lubrication system: Wet sump;
  • Starting System: Electrical;
  • Power: MIKUNI BS25 carburetor;
  • Ignition type: Electronic;
  • Maximum power: 12 hp (metric) at 9,000 rpm;
  • Maximum torque: 1.14 kgf.max 6,000rpm.

New information on the New Suzuki Yes 2023 data sheet will be updated here as soon as it’s available, keep an eye on it.

New Suzuki Consumption Yes 2023

As we know New Suzuki wants to deliver greater performance in this launch, so INMETRO has conducted the consumption tests to evaluate the performance achieved by the model.

The following is an expected average for Yes 2023 , check out:

  • New Suzuki Yes: average of 40 km per liter .

The result obtained in the INMETRO tests will be updated in our post as soon as disclosed!

Price of New Suzuki Yes 2023

The price of the New Suzuki 2023 will be readjusted in this launch, however as this new value has not yet been announced check out the current average price of the motorcycle:

  • Price of New Suzuki Yes: $ 1700.

As soon as the new price of Yes 2023 has been announced we will update more information for you, for now, please see more photos of the motorcycle:

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