New Yamaha Fazer 250 2023: PRICES, Datasheet, Photos and Consumption

The model of the new Yamaha Fazer 250 2023 arrived surprising the public. The investment consists in improving design, standard items and technology. The Yamaha Fazer 250 2023 is already available on the market, and it is intended that sales of the motorcycle will come close to powerful competitors such as those made by Honda.

New Yamaha Fazer 250 2023

New Yamaha Fazer 250 2023


The latest model of the New Yamaha Fazer 250 2023 was launched as early as 2019. Marked by design changes and improvements that promise to bring differences in machine sales rates.

The most striking qualities of this new version are related to driving comfort, agility and easy driving. Points that were previously prioritized by the manufacturer.

In addition to the clear beauty of the bike, riders expect more power and better road performance. After all, those who choose to invest in the model want to be surprised by something that surpasses their good riding.

The design was inspired by high-end models from the manufacturer. And the quest is to beat sales of other competing brands. Such as the New Honda XRE 300, which sold double the New Yamaha Lazer in the early months of 2018.

New Serial Items Yamaha Lazer 250 2023

This time there was a heavy investment in New Yamaha Lazer 250 2023 series items. So much so that a nomenclature was added to the model title. Now the bike is called New Yamaha Lazer 250 ABS.

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Since all models have standard ABS brakes, bringing riders more safety. Not to mention the modernization of the version. In addition to this, the bike also has:

  • New design with modern and robust lines;
  • ABS brakes that bring much more braking control;
  • LED headlights and lanterns;
  • 100% digital panel with consumption marker;
  • 250 cc engine;
  • Forged aluminum piston;
  • Ceramic coated cylinder;
  • Bank with two levels;
  • New exhaust, shorter and lighter;
  • New chassis;
  • Tubular steel luggage rack;
  • Colors: blue, red, white and black.

Data Sheet Yamaha Making 250 2023

Upgrades have also reached the New Yamaha Fazer 250 2023 datasheet . The information deals with the motor power, performance and agility of the motorcycle.

Another important factor when accessing technical specifications is the comparison with the mechanical assembly of competing motorcycles. The template was updated at:


  • Monocylindrical, 249.5 cm³, 2V;
  • Air cooling;
  • Simple command;
  • Electronic injection;
  • Flex


  • 20.7 hp / 8,000 rpm gasoline;
  • 20.9 hp / 8,000 rpm (ethanol);
  • Torque: 2.1 kgfm at 6,500 rpm;
  • Exchange: Five gears, per chain;
  • Starting System: Electric;
  • Suspensions: 41 mm diameter fork with 220 mm front stroke and 204 mm monocross rear balance.


  • ABS at the front;
  • 245 mm diameter disc;
  • Two-piston caliper on front;
  • 203 mm diameter disc with single tweezers behind.


  • Metzeler Tourance 80 / 90R21 in front;
  • 120 / 80R18 ago.


  • Length: 2.15 m;
  • Width: 815 mm;
  • Wheelbase: 1,38m;
  • Seat height: 875 mm;
  • Overall height: 1.21 m;
  • Minimum height of the ground: 270 mm;
  • Tank: 13.6 liters;
  • Weight: 143kg;
  • Warranty: 4 years.

New Consumption Yamaha Fazer 250 2023

With a revamped motorcycle, designed to be successful and surprise the motorcycling audience. Who has a version of Making 250 will surely want to parade with the model out there.

And for that, you need to be aware of consumption New Yamaha Fazer 250 2023 . Which is marking records of:

  • On average 35 km per liter.

The numbers may change as the bike accelerates.

Yamaha Price Faze 250 2023

It is normal that the price New Yamaha Faze 250 2023 has been readjusted, with increase in its original value. However, the manufacturer did not exaggerate what it asked the consumer and brought a fair price:

  •  $ 3900 without shipping.

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